If you own a diesel car, van, SUV, or truck, you probably find yourself wishing you vehicle had more power and better overall performance. Many improvements have recently been made to traditionally, noisy and sluggish diesel engines. Although the latest diesel technology  has produced a quieter, cleaner ride, modern diesel engines still lack the power and responsiveness of their petrol counterparts.  If, like many diesel owners, you seek a practical reliable tuning device, TDC Technologies South Africa has the answer – the PowerBox.

The PowerBox is an adjustable plug-in power conversion device that provides up to 30% more horsepower (HP/bhp) and torque.  Power gains vary depending on the type of engine and fuel injection system used. The digital unit consists of a microprocessor housed in a shock resistant casing and can be installed in less than 5 minutes. All TDC Technologies’ PowerBoxes are equipped with OEM plugs that are inserted into the wiring loom between the fuel injection system and the electronic control unit. The PowerBox intercepts the signals that pass back and forth, and modifies them to create an increase in fuel supply by altering the timing of the injectors, holding them open longer.

Larger amount of fuel injected into the engine creates a marked increase in power and improves the diesel engine’s overall performance. Unlike the petrol engine that provide airflow proportionate to acceleration, diesel engines normally run with an excess air flow  causing it to run well below its maximum combustion capacity. This means that optimal combustion can still be achieved despite the increased fuel injection produced by the PowerBox

Increased Efficiency translates to Increased Fuel Economy

It may seem ironic that increased fuel injection can lead to improved fuel economy, but that’s exactly what happens under certain conditions, made possible due to increased torque,  enabling the engine to operate in higher gears at lower speeds. By adjusting the PowerBox to achieve a slight improvement in power/torque, slightly more fuel is used. However, the fuel consumption required to increase torque is offset by an increase in fuel economy due to better operating efficiency in that range. Of course, someone with a radical driving style would see no improvement in fuel economy.

Reliability and Safety

Vehicle service intervals and the life of one’s engine remains unaffected by the installation of the PowerBox. The performance enhancement offered by all TDC Technology units occurs within the safe mechanical limits of one’s engine and only the parameters of the injection timing are altered, while pressure and fuel/air ratios controlled by the electronic control unit remain unchanged resulting in smooth and responsive acceleration that produces sportier handling, without increased emissions.